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Interior/Exterior Fountains

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Bring the peaceful allure of flowing water into your design plans with a custom fountain by King Richard’s.

Generally constructed of marble or stone but capable of incorporating bronze or other metals, an exterior fountain can serve as a design focal point for a plaza or as a gathering point for your community within a vestibule. A striking aesthetic statement, a fountain is often a distinguishing feature that pays homage to a patron saint and is a welcoming destination for photos for local families.

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At King Richard’s, creation of your fountain is a collaborative effort. Our liturgical consultants are experts at refining your design ideas to produce a cohesive aesthetic. Our network of artisans meld time proven techniques with modern technology to produce a handsome yet reliable and efficient fountain. Our specialty contracting crews are knowledgeable regarding all aspects of site preparation and installation. Working as one, King Richard’s personnel strive to exceed your every expectation.

To speak with a liturgical consultant about how a fountain could be incorporated into your liturgical plans, call 678-393-6500.

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