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Baptismal Font Services

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From rough sketch to finished installation, King Richard’s offers the most comprehensive package of services available to produce a beautiful baptismal font worthy of your faith community.

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Our liturgical consultants can help guide you through the maze of material choices, style considerations and design aesthetics to produce a font which meets the space, layout and use considerations of your specific church. Then King Richard’s craftsmen, working with only the finest marbles, woods and metals available, bring your vision to life through the use of traditional time-honored techniques. Once our artisans have crafted or refurbished a baptismal font that meets your aesthetic specifications, King Richard’s custom installation team gets to work safely delivering and securing it using proven techniques which fortify the font’s base and prevents unintended movement or damage.

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In all cases, the material used to construct the pedestal, flooring or pad is appropriate and sufficiently strong to manage the weight and size of the font it supports as well as to endure the daily wear and tear of the area in which it will reside. All OSHA guidelines and local and state codes are always met so you can rest easy knowing that the safety of both the font and your parish family is guaranteed.

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Let the collaborative team at King Richard’s provide you with the peace of mind only a proper installation can give. Call us today at 678-393-6500.

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