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Large Woodwork Removals/Installs

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Come to King Richard’s for a comprehensive package of woodwork services from design to execution to installation of new furnishings and fittings to removal of furnishings and artwork no longer used or desired.

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Working in concert with general contractors, local planning groups, church committees and church personnel, King Richard’s specialty contracting crews can install your new woodwork with an eye toward balancing good engineering practices with aesthetic design. With hundreds of satisfied clients to their credit, our crews have the experience and knowledge to complete installations from the simplest statuary placement to the most complex complete sanctuary construction.

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If you have items which need removal, one call to our buyers will provide you with a stress free solution. Our clients gain needed funds and regain space used by items no longer desired, while King Richard’s expertly handles removal, restoration, storage and, ultimately, placement in another religious facility. You’ll have the comfort of knowing your former furnishings and artwork will be placed in new settings appropriate to their liturgical character.

Contact us today for a free estimate or on-site evaluation.

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