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Stained Glass Removal Services

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King Richard’s is the largest buyer of religious artifacts, including stained glass, in the United States. Whether you have a single transept window or an entire set of stained glass windows, we have the resources, crews, and experience all in house to remove your items in a timely and professional manner.

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Additionally, we do not play “pricing games” by telling you your windows are worth a million dollars to justify some over-priced removal charges. If your windows aren’t worth $10,000, why would you spend $30,000 removing them prior to a demolition or sale of the building? Many people get misled by promises that their windows are worth much more than they are so they fall for these removal charges. We will tell you the facts based on buying, selling and removing more stained glass church windows than anyone ever has anywhere.

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With more than 1,000 stained glass window removals and restorations completed, we have the greatest buying power in the U.S. with the most respected buyers and crews available anywhere in the world. Our clients gain needed funds and regain space for items no longer needed, while King Richard’s handles removal, restoration, storage and, ultimately, placement in another religious facility. King Richard’s has the industry’s most solid reputation in the acquisition and sale of religious artifacts.

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Contact us today for a free estimate or on-site evaluation. We’ll help you determine the right price for your religious items, all the while guaranteeing they will find new homes in appropriate environments and will not be hustled on eBay to just anyone without respect for their use. Naturally, we pay for all shipping and trucking costs on any and all items we purchase.

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