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Serious Safety Concerns

King Richard’s conforms to the most recent rules and regulations of OSHA, EPA and any and all state, federal or local regulations pertaining to the safety of all job site workers, owner representatives and the general public. Current Worker’s Compensation Insurance Certificates are always provided as well as General Liability.

King Richard’s provides all of its own scaffolding, ladders and/or staging. Scaffolding may be of suspension type or standing type (such as metal tube and coupler, tubular welded frame, pole, outrigger or cantilever type). The type, erection and use of all scaffolding shall comply with all applicable O.S.H.A. provisions. These regulations apply to stained glass removals “at heights”.

Clients assume no responsibility for the security of King Richard’s equipment, tools, or materials at any point during a project. In the event theft occurs on a project site and King Richard’s equipment, tools, or materials are stolen, King Richard’s accepts full responsibility for their loss and replacement which is always covered by our professional liability insurance policies.