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Selling Stained Glass to King Richard's

King Richard’s is the largest buyer of stained glass on this planet - period. Whether you have a single window or an entire collection of stained glass windows, we have the resources, crews, experience, and insurance all in house to handle your items in a timely and professional manner. We are not uninsured antique dealers, ebay hustlers, auction sellers or flea market dealers. We are a full-time specialty contracting company providing services to sacred spaces directly. Our clients gain needed funds and regain space for items no longer needed, while King Richard’s handles the removal, restoration, storage and ultimate placement in another religious facility. With more than 1,000 stained glass window removals and restorations completed, we have the greatest buying power in the U.S. with the most respected buyers and crews available. That’s why King Richard’s has the industry’s most solid reputation in the acquisition and placement of religious artifacts.

Contact us today for a free estimate or on-site evaluation. We’ll help you determine the right price for all your religious items, all the while guaranteeing they will find new homes in appropriate environments. Naturally, we pay for all shipping and trucking costs on any and all items we purchase. [Click HERE to request a bid or site visit]

We will also be happy to discuss consignment options for your stained glass art. If someone is trying to “sell you” on consigning windows with them, call one of our experts first to help you understand the complex issues involved with this type of business relationship. We are proud to say we are the trusted company in this field, providing our clients with transparent transactions that maximize their sales potential. [Click here to receive our guide to consigning and protecting your assets]

Through social media and traditional sales practices, King Richard’s cost-effective and extensive client database maximizes your marketing reach. You also have the peace of mind of knowing the identity of the buyer for your windows so that you can rest assured they are placed in a proper setting.