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Repairs/Restoration – Marble

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Lift decades of grime off intricate carvings, statuary, liturgical artwork, and delicate surfaces with King Richard’s repair and restoration services.

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The daily wear and tear of religious services, aging materials and environmental conditions can prematurely age your marble furnishings and their delicate finishes. Touch up unattractive chipped finishes; clean fragile surfaces and restore them to their intended sheen. Polish and clean marble surfaces until they gleam. At King Richard’s our modern techniques let the quality craftsmanship of the original design and construction shine through.

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King Richard’s most often undertakes marble restoration as part of a larger renovation or reconstruction project for a parish, vandalism of precious marble, or comprehensive damage from severe weather. However, we welcome individual projects as well. It’s obvious to anyone who browses our website that we remove, restore, polish, and repair any and all marble issues that may occur over time. These tasks and your historic artwork benefit from King Richard’s proper professional care and attention.

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After existing conditions are evaluated, on-site inspections determine the best course of treatment to renew your marble’s appearance without furthering damage. King Richard’s investigative work, teamed with its knowledge of historical finishes and techniques, allows us to provide you with a complete report on the steps needed to restore your marble to its former beauty.

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