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You wouldn’t bring your fancy imported car into the local fix-em-up shop for a repair any more than you should shop for your new marble products through a catalog wholesaler or scan Ebay for broken bargains. You’ll be fooled into thinking you are saving money and time. However, over time that “savings” will cost your parish in terms of poor workmanship that requires constant vigilance and upkeep as well as the unsettling realization that you will have to live with the publicly visible consequences of your decision for years, maybe decades, to come. We have literally seen it all now when it comes to marble projects. Simply inviting us to talk to your committee will pay off beyond measure both aesthetically and financially.

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Visit King Richard’s, talk with our liturgical consultants, and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a company that has been satisfying the liturgical needs of churches throughout the world for nearly four decades. We have learned how to delicately balance aesthetic desire with budgetary constraints, allowing for the perfect union of enduring beauty and fiscal prudence. Whether you have a million dollar budget or a 50 million dollar budget, we can share with you our experience that is fueled by passion, not billings. We tell you the things others won’t because our mission is sacred spaces and their influence of the faith. We work with only the finest artisans to craft quality furnishings and artwork that are beloved and treasured by their parish family and proudly bequeathed to generations to come.

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