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While conceptually the design, subject matter and overall mood of a mural can seem appropriate for your worship space, seeing it brought to life via a King Richard’s rendering is a tangible, dramatic confirmation of that vision. Unlike a church catalog vendor or a guy hawking a plaster St. Peter on Ebay, King Richard’s architects can provide you with an individualized CAD drawing of your new mural or mosaic in its intended setting. Judging size and color palettes accurately are keys to creating an overall cohesive environment, a task made easier with the expert help of King Richard’s architectural renderings. If preferred, King Richard’s can also provide watercolors, pen and ink drawings, or Photoshopped mock-ups. After review by our clients, these renderings can be modified and refined so that the desired effect is achieved in the finished mural or mosaic.

Murals Image_001Large.jpgMurals Image_002Large.jpgMurals Image_003Large.jpg
Murals Image_004Large.jpgMurals Image_005Large.jpg
Murals Image_006Large.jpgMurals Image_007Large.jpgMurals Image_008Large.jpg
Murals Image_009Large.jpgMurals Image_010Large.jpgMurals Image_011Large.jpg

These state-of-the-art renderings are also helpful in illustrating and explaining plans to prospective donors and parishioners. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine what a King Richard’s rendering can be worth to your campaign fund!

Murals Image_012Large.jpgMurals Image_013.jpgMurals Image_014Large.jpgMurals Image_015Large.jpg
Murals Image_016Large.jpgMurals Image_017Large.jpgMurals Image_018Large.jpgMurals Image_019Large.jpg
Murals Image_020Large.jpgMurals Image_021Large.jpg
Murals Image_022Large.jpgMurals Image_023Large.jpgMurals Image_024Large.jpgMurals Image_025Large.jpg Murals Image_026Large.jpgMurals Image_027Large.jpgMurals Image_028Large.jpgMurals Image_029Large.jpg