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Have Murals That You Need Removed?

If you are aware of a mural which is no longer desired or needs repair before being ready to display again, call King Richard’s. Not only will King Richard’s recover and refurbish the mural, we will find it a new home where its historical and cultural value will be appreciated. Great care is always given to the final placement of any item at King Richard’s, and only appropriate liturgical contexts are considered.

Murals Image_059Large.jpgMurals Image_060Large.jpgMurals Image_061Large.jpg Murals Image_062Large.jpgMurals Image_063Large.jpgMurals Image_064Large.jpgMurals Image_065Large.jpgMurals Image_066Large.jpgMurals Image_067Large.jpgMurals Image_068Large.jpgMurals Image_069Large.jpgMurals Image_070Large.jpgMurals Image_071Large.jpgMurals Image_072Large.jpgMurals Image_073Large.jpgMurals Image_074Large.jpgMurals Image_075Large.jpg

If your church, monastery, convent or facility is renovating, consolidating or closing, please allow King Richard's an opportunity to remove murals no longer desired. We also purchase from individuals/private collectors. We have a long standing reputation in the industry for compensating at fair market value and have the ability to present you with the immediate capital required for your current project or needs.

Murals Image_076Large.jpg

Please contact King Richard's at 678-393-6500 and allow us an opportunity to work with you today.

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