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We have proudly worked with numerous architects in the recent past that either recognized our traditional philosophies and specialty skill set or we're instructed by the parish that King Richard’s was going to be their liturgical consultant. This has worked out wonderfully for everyone involved, especially the architects. We all work together as a team supporting each other, not against each other, recognizing our own boundaries and specific expertise.

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The expertise we contribute to these successful collaborations is in the form of renderings and drawings in hand-drawn pen and ink, watercolors, and CAD. These renderings have proven to be the liturgical vision the parish, donors and church officials had originally sought but couldn't quite obtain from the finely selected architectural expertise. These architects are well run firms but their success hinges on the knowledgeable creation of a liturgically correct environment that will stand the test of time. This is exactly what King Richard’s brings to the table: a tangible, dramatic confirmation of the parish’s vision for their sacred space in the form of custom renderings.

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