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Liturgical Design for Outdoor Spaces

LTD 10 Image 001King Richard’s exceptional design experts can suggest statuary, Stations of the Cross, and other liturgical Appointments which will harmoniously blend with the peaceful landscape of your campus. These private areas, tastefully embellished with images of saints, the Holy Family, or traditional iconology, encourage contemplation and quiet reflection with nature as the backdrop. A broad selection of durable materials, styles and sizes are found within our warehouse walls or new pieces can be commissioned from within our vast network of artisans for placement in natural settings.

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Spending a great deal of money on a poorly laid out exterior plan can be regrettable for generations to come! Whether it's an exterior set of Stations, a statue shrine or set of statues, a prayer garden or an outdoor chapel, there are countless questions that need to be addressed. Being simply a gardener or general architect does not automatically qualify someone to design an outdoor liturgical space. Specialized experience earned as a result of hundreds of previous projects is what sets us apart.

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Browse through our website and you will see a variety of ways our design consultants have assisted other religious communities who have chosen to incorporate their outdoor assets into their community’s faith experience. Then give King Richard’s a call so you too can bring the outdoor experience to your faith community.

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