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Liturgical Design for Home Chapels

Home Chapels are becoming increasingly common in today’s world not only in North America but abroad as well. While they have existed for centuries, they have experienced a surge in popoularity in conjunction with home schooling, larger homes, and, sadly, the perception of the world as scary and dangerous.

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Finding an architect with the experience, and desire, to create these spiritual havens is difficult. At King Richard’s, however, private individual chapels provide the kind of challenge we live for. There is no such thing as too small a job when it comes to creating house of prayer and devotion. Additionally, we have found that individuals who desire home chapels often mirror our own passion for creating inviting, intimate devotional spaces.

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Whether you desire a simple reredos with a kneeler or are looking to design an entire room from the ground up, King Richard’s extensive inventory of religious artifacts and reclaimed chapel items are the stress-free, budget friendly way to create a prayerful sanctuary in the privacy of your own home. If you are looking for a customized item, access our collaborative network of artisans to create a one-of-a-kind piece that provides the meditative focus you seek. Our specialty contracting division has the liturgical and practical expertise to renovate or construct from ground up any interior or exterior space to fit your specifications. Choose King Richard’s, your home chapel expert from concept to completion.

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We are interested in talking to you about a private home chapel and your desire to experience His presence more intimately.

We will persue any private or home chapel in any state or country that is serious about creating something special!