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Liturgical Design for Adoration Chapels

When creating an adoration chapel, design and construction considerations should support an environment created both to foster reverence as well as to provide the quiet and focus needed for personal prayer. This area of our design services is one of our most rewarding and passion driven. These small spaces are where some of our fellow pilgrims experience their greatest joy and pain.

Liturgical Design Image 065

We hope you challenge us to create this very unique space!

Liturgical Design Image 066Liturgical Design Image 067Liturgical Design Image 068

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Whether you desire to add a simple set of pews with kneelers or are looking to design an entire space from scratch, King Richard’s liturgical designers can fulfill all your needs with our extensive inventory of religious artifacts and reclaimed chapel items to create a prayerful sanctuary for your community. If you are looking for new items, access our artisans to create a one-of-a-kind piece that provides the meditative focus you seek. Choose from stained glass windows, altars, statuary, and tabernacles all with the aesthetic power to inspire a stronger sense of the Divine’s presence.

Liturgical Design Image 071

While many architects are not interested in these “small projects,” we put them toward the top of our list. Seeing people use our design and products 24/7 is unmeasurably rewarding! For more extensive projects, our specialty contracting division has the passion and expertise to renovate or construct from ground up the interior or exterior space of your choice. With more than three decades of experience, King Richard’s can provide you with a stress-free, cost efficient experience from concept to completion.