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King Richard’s provides general liability insurance and state specific Workman’s Compensation Insurance on all projects and properties we work on.

As a legitimate full-service company, we pride ourselves on proper training and adherence to OSHA guidelines, EPA requirements, and all local and federal fire and electrical requirements. Don’t let an inexperienced individual work in your building and cause fire, flood, or personal injury to you, your personnel, or your property. In addition, if a contractor is going to be on your site for any length of time, proof of automotive insurance should also be provided.

Brokers, consignors and auction sellers rarely have insurance so protect your church and require insurance certificates from all contractors and sub-contractors. In today’s litigious world, you cannot afford to have the smallest task performed by non-insured individuals/companies. Even a statue install or pick-up can create a serious legal situation for you, your Bishop, your parish or organization.

Workman’s Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance are very expensive for any company, so expensive that many companies attempt to work without them. You cannot afford to have someone on your property without proper insurance … period!