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Warnings about Consigning

As a leader in our industry, we are happy to discuss consignment options for your stained glass windows and other sacred artwork and furnishings. King Richard’s buys and sells more stained glass and liturgical artwork in the United States and Canada than anyone else which makes us experts at marketing your sacred art at a fair price. 

If someone is trying to “sell you” on consigning windows or furnishings with them, talk to one of our experts before you make a final decision. Our liturgical consultants can help you understand the many issues involved with this type of sales agreement. Sadly, they can also relay many stories connected to some individuals in recent years who sought to take advantage of unknowledgeable clergy and their building committees. We are proud to say we are the trusted company in this field and are proud to stand apart from these dishonest individuals. 

King Richard’s cost-effective and extensive client database maximizes your marketing profile. You also have the peace of mind of knowing the identity of the buyer for your sacred items so that you can rest assured they are placed in a proper setting and not posted for sale on the world’s largest on-line garage sale (eBay) at the cheapest prices where the parishioners, donors and other faithful are heartbroken, and church officials are embarrassed and infuriated.

Our consignment agreements always include competitive pricing, safe removal, professional crating, and transport of all items.