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Liturgical Design for New Construction

Liturgical Design and Decorating 3- Liturgical Design for New Construction

Churches are more than four walls and a roof; they are legacies to the faith of the communities that built them. At King Richard’s we pair technical expertise with liturgical diligence to create churches, convents, diocesan facilities and more, all of which uphold the legacy standard.

King Richard's design division has been passionately engaged in the specialty religious business for more than 30 years. Headquartered in Atlanta, we have successfully completed projects for churches, seminaries, hospitals, schools, diocesan facilities, convents, funeral homes, cemeteries, and private chapels, throughout all 50 states, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Africa, and Australia. Our approach is real simple: making churches look like churches through our traditional values and beliefs.

King Richard's can take you from our conference room 

to your dedication day Liturgically...

LTD 3 Image 001LTD 3 Image 002
LTD 3 Image 006LTD 3 Image 007

We Take You from Design to Actual Liturgical ARTIFACTS

LTD 3 Image 008
LTD 3 Image 009 LTD 3 Image 010
LTD 3 Image 011
LTD 3 Image 012LTD 3 Image 013
LTD 3 Image 014LTD 3 Image 015
LTD 3 Image 016LTD 3 Image 017LTD 3 Image 018


LTD 3 Image 019LTD 3 Image 020
LTD 3 Image 021LTD 3 Image 022

                  GROUND BREAKING                              ROSE WINDOW DESIGN

LTD 3 Image 023LTD 3 Image 024
LTD 3 Image 025LTD 3 Image 026LTD 3 Image 027
LTD 3 Image 073

Our services can take you from concept to fulfillment, providing artistic insight and collaborative engagement with contractors, building committees, and inspectors so that a place of sacred beauty emerges. The number one reason new construction projects come to King Richard’s is we fill such a broad range of needs. Nowhere else can you check off 10-50 items on your To Do List than at King Richard’s where our passionate employees’ greatest reward is assisting in the creation of a beautiful house of God.

LTD 3 Image 028LTD 3 Image 029LTD 3 Image 030
LTD 3 Image 031


LTD 3 Image 032


LTD 3 Image 033LTD 3 Image 034
LTD 3 Image 035
LTD 3 Image 036
LTD 3 Image 037

This is more passion than business for us.