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Experienced Artifact Packing, Crating, Loading

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The removal and installation of religious artifacts is fragile work, requiring expert assistance. At King Richard’s we are adept at safely packing and transporting your liturgical treasures so that their structural integrity and aesthetic beauty are preserved. Sadly many unknowing parishes trust an individual or company to pack correctly but don’t find this to be the case when they see their artwork leaving the church uncrated and disrespected by cost-cutting individuals.

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Long before any actual crating occurs, care is taken to photograph, measure and document all items prior to dismantling. Individual items are labeled for ease in reconstruction and evaluated for existing material weaknesses or damage that might require additional attention during the packing process. Only then will King Richard’s team diagram and fabricate crates individually designed to meet each piece’s unique needs.

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For more than three decades, King Richard’s has been the one company to call for the safe packing and transport of liturgical artwork from around the corner to around the world. Call us today to speak to one of our transport professionals about how we can assist you.

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