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Complete Wood Restorations

King Richard’s restorations can give your aging sacred art the facelift it deserves! Freshen tired surfaces, brighten faded finishes, repair damage to time worn pieces – King Richard’s artisans can revive the hidden beauty of any altar, reredos, pulpit, lectern or altar railing!

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Most often undertaken as part of a larger renovation in which King Richard’s is chosen as a turn-key service provider for a variety of specialty contracting services, restoration of woodwork can be a cost effective method to retain the liturgical history of a religious community. After existing conditions of the piece(s) are evaluated, onsite tests are used to reveal the best option to refurbish the furnishing or fitting. The investigative work, teamed with King Richard’s comprehensive knowledge of virtually all finishes and wood types, results in a superior restoration strategy.

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Then King Richard’s woodcarvers set to work lifting decades of environmental pollutants from intricate carvings and aged surfaces. They repair and restore damage left behind from the daily wear and tear of religious services, aging materials and climate. Unattractive layers of paint are stripped and wood surfaces refinished to restore them to their intended warmth and sheen. At King Richard’s our modern techniques honor and celebrate the quality craftsmanship of your furnishing’s original design and construction.

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