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About Our Woodworking

Bring timeless beauty to your spiritual home with the addition of custom made wood furnishings from King Richard’s.

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In a world quick to settle for mass-produced, mundane, particle board furniture, King Richard’s furnishings stand apart. Made of carefully selected woods and finishes, our woodshop has crafted furnishings under stringent specifications for some of the country’s most historic churches. And unlike commonplace church catalog items, these signature pieces will be cherished for their superior workmanship and unique style for generations to come.

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As a creative artist, you need passion, experience and attention to details but lots of people have this. What they don’t have is the liturgical experience or an appreciation or understanding what role and the significance sacred furniture represents. These elements are just as critical to the overall success and design to the sacred space as any other feature and must be executed by trained ecclesiastical craftsmen not by the local guy who says, “I can make anything in wood.” He can’t because he doesn’t understand sacred architecture just like we don’t understand home entertainment centers.

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At King Richard’s, our craftsmen spend their days creating lecterns, altars and pews whose beauty elevates their purpose. Seamlessly merging time honored techniques with modern enhancements, our woodcarvers fashion furnishings precisely correct for the largest cathedral or the smallest chapel – all at a reasonable cost.

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