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You wouldn’t bring your fancy imported car into the local fix-em-up shop for a repair any more than you should shop for your new statuary through a catalog wholesaler or scan Ebay for bargains. You might be left at the mercy of a part-time student working at your “church goods store”. You’ll be fooled into thinking you are saving money and time. However, over time that “savings” will cost your parish in terms of poor workmanship that requires constant vigilance and upkeep as well as the unsettling realization that you will have to live with the publicly visible consequences of your decision for years, maybe decades, to come.

Statuary Image st-13a_01Statuary Image st-13a_02Statuary Image st-13a_03
Statuary Image st-13a_04Statuary Image st-13a_05Statuary Image st-13a_06

Sorry, but you cannot call, visit or go online and order any of the above items from King Richard's. We do not specialize in these items.

Visit King Richard’s, talk with our liturgical consultants, and experience the peace of mind that comes with working with a company that has been satisfying the liturgical artwork needs of churches throughout the world for nearly four decades and can prove it upon request. We have learned how to delicately balance aesthetic desire with budgetary constraints, allowing for the perfect union of enduring beauty and fiscal prudence (just view our recent statue projects in this section). We work with only the finest artisans to craft quality statuary that are beloved and treasured by their parish family and proudly bequeathed to generations to come.

Statuary Image st-13b_01Statuary Image st-13b_02Statuary Image st-13b_03Statuary Image st-13b_04
Statuary Image st-13b_05Statuary Image st-13b_06Statuary Image st-13b_07Statuary Image st-13b_08
Statuary Image st-13b_09Statuary Image st-13b_10Statuary Image st-13b_11Statuary Image st-13b_12
Statuary Image st-13b_13Statuary Image st-13b_14Statuary Image st-13b_15

If your church cannot obtain all of its quality statue needs now, then be patient and get them when you can. The sting of poor quality lasts forever while the sting of additional cost is quickly forgotten with inspiring art and worship aids in your sacred space. Remember, churches are houses of God and should always be treated with this in mind.

Statuary Image st-13c_01Statuary Image st-13c_02Statuary Image st-13c_03
Statuary Image st-13c_04Statuary Image st-13c_08Statuary Image st-13c_12
Statuary Image st-13c_05Statuary Image st-13c_06Statuary Image st-13c_07
Statuary Image st-13c_09Statuary Image st-13c_10Statuary Image st-13c_11
Statuary Image st-13c_13Statuary Image st-13c_14Statuary Image st-13c_15Statuary Image st-13c_16
Statuary Image st-13c_17Statuary Image st-13c_18Statuary Image st-13c_19Statuary Image st-13c_20
Statuary Image st-13c_21Statuary Image st-13c_22Statuary Image st-13c_23Statuary Image st-13c_24
Statuary Image st-13c_25Statuary Image st-13c_26Statuary Image st-13c_27Statuary Image st-13c_28
Statuary Image st-13c_29Statuary Image st-13c_30Statuary Image st-13c_31Statuary Image st-13c_32
Statuary Image st-13c_33Statuary Image st-13c_34Statuary Image st-13c_35Statuary Image st-13c_36
Statuary Image st-13c_37Statuary Image st-13c_38Statuary Image st-13c_39Statuary Image st-13c_40
Statuary Image st-13c_41Statuary Image st-13c_42Statuary Image st-13c_43Statuary Image st-13c_44
Statuary Image st-13c_45Statuary Image st-13c_46Statuary Image st-13c_47Statuary Image st-13c_48
Statuary Image st-13c_49Statuary Image st-13c_50Statuary Image st-13c_51Statuary Image st-13c_52
Statuary Image st-13c_53Statuary Image st-13c_54Statuary Image st-13c_55Statuary Image st-13c_56
Statuary Image st-13c_57Statuary Image st-13c_58Statuary Image st-13c_59Statuary Image st-13c_60
Statuary Image st-13c_61Statuary Image st-13c_62Statuary Image st-13c_63