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Need a Statue Moved?

Religious facilities often find themselves in need of one or more large scale exterior statues removed for various reasons. As you will quickly see on our website, we have been performing this specialized task from rooftops, niches 3, 4, 5 stories up, statue pedestals and in church interiors for hundreds of satisfied customers. You simply cannot afford to allow uninsured individuals on your property working with your religious artifacts. This combination has proved to be a recipe for disaster time and again much to the disappointment of religious leaders.

Statuary Image st-10a_04Statuary Image st-10a_03Statuary Image st-10a_05Statuary Image st-10a_01
Statuary Image st-10a_02Statuary Image st-10a_06Statuary Image st-10a_09Statuary Image st-10a_07
Statuary Image st-10a_08Statuary Image st-10a_10Statuary Image st-10a_11
Statuary Image st-10a_13Statuary Image st-10a_12Statuary Image st-10a_14Statuary Image st-10a_15
Statuary Image st-10a_16Statuary Image st-10a_18Statuary Image st-10a_17Statuary Image st-10a_19
Statuary Image st-10a_20Statuary Image st-10a_22Statuary Image st-10a_21Statuary Image st-10a_23
Statuary Image st-10a_27Statuary Image st-10a_25Statuary Image st-10a_24Statuary Image st-10a_26
Statuary Image st-10a_28Statuary Image st-10a_29Statuary Image st-10a_30
Statuary Image st-10a_36Statuary Image st-10a_32Statuary Image st-10a_37Statuary Image st-10a_33
Statuary Image st-10a_34Statuary Image st-10a_38Statuary Image st-10a_35Statuary Image st-10a_39
Statuary Image st-10a_42Statuary Image st-10a_41Statuary Image st-10a_40Statuary Image st-10a_43
Statuary Image st-10a_44Statuary Image st-10a_45Statuary Image st-10a_46Statuary Image st-10a_47
Statuary Image st-10a_50Statuary Image st-10a_49Statuary Image st-10a_56Statuary Image st-10a_51
Statuary Image st-10a_53Statuary Image st-10a_52Statuary Image st-10a_54Statuary Image st-10a_55
Statuary Image st-10a_57Statuary Image st-10a_48Statuary Image st-10a_58Statuary Image st-10a_59

Church catalog companies that deliver wine and candles are not the experience you need when dealing with marble, wood or bronze statuary! The uninsured “individuals” that say “we” really mean “someone else” so this is even a worse option … call a professional!

Statuary Image st-10b_01Statuary Image st-10b_02
Statuary Image st-10b_04Statuary Image st-10b_05
Statuary Image st-10b_03

Companies selling the products above are not specialty contractor experts. They are church catalog / mail order stores. If you need host or wine, you call a general religious goods vendor; if you need an important statue for your parish, you call a professional designer like King Richard's to handle your request without risk or disappointment.

If you are aware of a statue which has fallen victim to disuse or disrepair, call King Richard’s. Not only will King Richard’s recover and refurbish these pieces, we will find a new proper liturgical home for them in recognition of their historical and cultural value. Great care is always given to the final placement of any item at King Richard’s, and only appropriate liturgical contexts are considered.

Statuary Image st-10c_01Statuary Image st-10c_02Statuary Image st-10c_03

If your church, monastery, convent or facility is renovating, consolidating or closing, please allow King Richard's an opportunity to purchase statuary no longer scheduled for use. We also purchase from individuals/private collectors. We have a long standing reputation in the industry for compensating at fair market value and have the ability to present you with the immediate capital required for your current project or needs.

Statuary Image st-10d_01Statuary Image st-10d_02Statuary Image st-10d_03
Statuary Image st-10d_04Statuary Image st-10d_05Statuary Image st-10d_06

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