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Take Your Used Items on Trade-In

When the time comes to freshen-up your worship space with new liturgical Appointments, bringing in the new shouldn’t mean throwing out the old. Let King Richard’s re-sell your quality used altarware. Then use your new found funds as credit towards purchasing new items from King Richard’s broad inventory of altarware and furnishings.

Altar Ware Image 09-01-01Altar Ware Image 09-01-02Altar Ware Image 09-01-03Altar Ware Image 09-01-04

In today’s mass production world, we are proud of King Richard’s reputation for unique, fine-crafted products, the quality of our refurbished items, and the expert design service our liturgical consultants provide. For more than three decades, our team has been making the process of designing and purchasing altarware simple and hassle-free.

Altar Ware Image 09-02-01Altar Ware Image 09-02-02Altar Ware Image 09-02-03
Altar Ware Image 09-03

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