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In our experience, fundraising, whether for a single piece or a complete overhaul of all your liturgical needs, benefits from a 3-step approach: Mindful Planning, Education, and Securing Financial Commitment. Each step of the way, you can count on King Richard’s to share its expertise and to help guide you through this challenging process.

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  • Mindful Planning – While sound financial stewardship is critical to your endeavor, too often focus is mistakenly placed squarely on the cost of a project rather than on the true value gained from the effort itself. It is critical to keep in the forefront of all conversations the reason you are undertaking the effort: to enhance and elevate the spiritual presence in the space where your parishioners gather. King Richard’s vast inventory of antique baptismal fonts and holy water fonts can help you create the spiritual, sacred environment you feel best fits your parish’s liturgical intentions. In addition, our vast network of artisans is available to breathe life into your original custom designs.
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  • Education – Once a master plan has been conceived, the process of educating your parish and generating their enthusiasm regarding the spiritual and aesthetic benefits of the project as well as the necessary financial commitment begins. King Richard’s consultants can provide CAD renderings, watercolors, and on-site samples to illustrate the proposed work. We can also provide exhibit materials, printed literature, and expert testimony which detail the goals of the project and lay the foundation to ask for a financial commitment from parishioners. Having proper visual aids for these very important liturgical artifacts is mandatory for successful results and can only be achieved in concert with professionals like King Richard’s.
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  • Securing Financial Commitment – Fundraising takes more time, patience, and planning than simply sending out a direct mail letter and hoping for the best. King Richard’s can help you identify creative methods of generating financial enthusiasm for your renovation. For example, some major donors like to be identified by name on a memorial plaque. Others would like to be part of a small group that provides a single large item such as an heirloom quality marble baptismal font. Some respond better to tiered-giving levels. In each scenario, King Richard’s can provide you with the supporting materials and expert advice you need to bring your vision to fruition.
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