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While conceptually an altar’s design and style can seem like appropriate choices for your worship space, seeing that vision brought to life on paper is a tangible, dramatic step forward which few can accomplish professionally.

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Judging proportions and style accurately are keys to creating an overall cohesive environment, a task made easier with the expert help of King Richard’s architectural renderings. Unlike a church catalog company or a guy hawking an altar on Ebay or the local cabinet shop claiming they can “make anything”, King Richard’s architects can provide you with an individualized CAD drawing or a hand-drawn rendering of your altar in its new sacred space. If preferred, King Richard’s can also provide watercolors, pen and ink drawings, or Photoshopped mock-ups.

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These materials are also helpful in illustrating and explaining plans to prospective donors and parishioners. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, imagine what a King Richard’s rendering can be worth to your campaign fund!

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Lastly, this is probably the first and last time the parish has ever acquired an altar or reredos. The same can be said for most clergy. These sacred pieces are very specialized and getting the scale, details, finishes and countless other considerations correct should be left to professionals who have done this hundreds of times before.

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