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Historical Stained Glass Windows

Ask anyone who has ever renovated their home how daunting a task it can be. Then you might be able to begin to appreciate the herculean task facing a church building committees who is asked to not only consider function but spiritual implications for an entire parish family as well. At King Richard’s we understand this sentiment because we have been helping hundreds of parishes with this process for nearly three decades.

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Our stained glass consultants’ first priority is determining the intended spiritual context of the windows and how they will enhance the overall plans of their new sacred home. We then work with our stained glass artists to provide windows customized to your unique needs. Our network of affiliates enables clients to refurbish and renovate currently installed windows or choose from a large selection of recovered antique or new traditionally crafted products that simply can’t be matched for quality.

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In addition, at King Richard’s we work with our clients every step of the way—from that first conceptual meeting to design to final delivery and installation—to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

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Laying the Foundation. Proper stained glass design begins with the evaluation of current and future space requirements, budget constraints, funding opportunities, and how the stained glass fits into the spiritual intent of the sacred space.

Raising Funds. King Richard’s can provide fundraising friendly materials and expert testimony to educate your parish on the anticipated spiritual value, function, cost, and timeline of your construction.

Delivery and Installation. King Richard’s crews provide clean, thorough installation performed in a manner respectful to the sacredness of the building in which the windows are being placed. Environmental conditions relevant to maintaining the aesthetic value of your stained glass windows are taken into consideration and safeguards are suggested.

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