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Altar Crosses/Crucifixes

Title: Antique Brass Altar Cross with IHS
Item Number: KRCC-4604
KRCC-4604: Traditional brass altar cross with HIS in center of cross. Original finish. Dimensions: 24 inches in height, 12 inches in width, base 8 inches by 6 inches....
Title: Vintage Wood and Metal Crucifix
Item Number: KRCC-595
KRCC-595: Vintage wood and metal crucifix. The cross is wood with metal corpus and INRI plaque. Approximately 90 years old. In original condition. Dimensions: 39 inches ...
Title: Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-2432
KRAWV-2432-Silver plated altar crucifix. In original condition. Approximately 45 years old. Dimensions: 14 inches in height....
Title: Brass Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-4245
KRAWV-4245-Brass Altar Crucifix. Dimensions: Height: 18 inches. Width: 7 1/2 inches. ...
Title: Art Deco Solid Bronze Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRCC-08
KRCC-08-Very large and extremely heavy solid bronze altar crucifix. High quality solid bronze cast piece. Dimensions:19 inches in height and 9 inches in width. Approxi...
Title: Brass and Silver Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRCC-20
KRCC-20-Antique silver and brass altar crucifix. The cross is solid brass while the corpus and INRI panel are silver plated. Has a small memorial on the base. Dimensions:...
Title: Bronze Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-4345
KRAWV-4345-Bronze Altar Crucifix. Bronze altar crucifix with a nicely detailed silver corpus on a stepped base. Circa 1950's. Dimensions: Height: 24 inches. Diameter: 8 i...
Title: Vintage Bronze Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-4673
KRAWV-4673:  Vintage bronze hanging crucifix (circa 1930s).  In original condition.  Dimensions:  10 inches in width, 18 inches in height....
Title: Double-Sided Altar Cross
Item Number: KRAWV-4601
Wood and brass double-sided altar cross....
Title: Brass Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-646
KRAWV-646-Traditional solid brass altar crucifix in original condition. Needs to be polished. Approximately 60 years old. Dimensions: 1 foot in height and 5 1/2 inches in...
Title: Vintage Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-4214
KRAWV-4214: Vintage altar crucifix set on a three sided base. Each side depicting The Blessed Trinity, either The Father, The Holy Spirit or Jesus. The INRI banner is bei...
Title: Traditional Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-1191
KRAWV-1191-Traditional altar crucifix. Details include a silver plated corpus, INRI engraved on the cross. In good original condition. Please see matching altar crosses a...
Title: Vintage Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRAWV-4497
KRAWV-4497: Vintage bronze altar crucifix adorned with a silver plated corpus. In original condition. Dimensions: 30 inches in height, 12 inches in width, 10 inches in di...
Title: Painted Wood Altar Crucifix
Item Number: KRCC-29
KRCC-29-Wood altar crucifix. Cross is painted gold and has a silver painted corpus. Dimensions:13 inches in height and 6 inches in width. Approximate Age: 50 years....
Title: Large Ornate Altar Cross
Item Number: KRAWV-4247-Clearance
KRAWV-4247-Large Ornate Altar Cross. Dimensions: Height: 2 feet. Width: 1 inch. Was $850 Clearance Priced at $295  ...
Title: Vintage Altar Cross
Item Number: KRAWV-4524
KRAWV-4524: Vintage bronze altar cross set on a rectagular three stepped base. A medallion of IHS is affixed to the center of the cross. Approximately 100 years old. In o...