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Altars & Altar Rails High Altars/Side Altars/Reredos-Antique Gothic

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Title: Vintage Oak Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1126
KRALTAR-1126: Vintage oak gothic reredos. Approximately 70 years old. In original condition. Altar Dimensions: 39 inches in height, 72 inches in width, 20 inches in dept...
Title: Gothic Wood Side Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-816A
Nice wood Gothic side altar painted white. Only one available. Minor restoration needed.  Dimensions:  Height: 157"  Width: 54 1/2" Depth: 33" Now priced at $7,80...
Title: Antique Altar Fragment With Niches
Item Number: KRF-1935
KRF-1935: Large altar fragment with carved niches. A painting did go in the center section above the mensa. Dimensions: 66 inches in height, 56 inches in width, 14 inches...
Title: Museum Quality Hand Carved Gothic Marble Shrine
Item Number: KRALTAR-27
This museum quality shrine was created by a notable, well listed artist.Dimensions:18 feet in height, 7 feet in width and 7 feet in depth. Please call for details.Approxi...
Title: Large Antique Altar With Center Niche
Item Number: KRALTAR-495
KRALTAR-495: Beautiful butternut colored antique altar with a large center statue niche. In original conditon. Dimensions: 84 inches in width, 40 inches in depth. Dimensi...
Title: Rare Rosato Marble Reredos with Mosaic Inlay
Item Number: KRALTAR-932
The reredos is hand carved from "Red Rosato" marble (exotic and incredibly expensive to mine). Features include Gothic spires, panels, and extensive mosaic work. Matching...
Title: Vintage Carved Wood Gothic Style High Altar/Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-892
KRALTAR-892-Vintage Carved Wood Gothic Style High Altar/Reredos. White painted carved wood Gothic style high altar/reredos with gold leaf highlights. Original Last Supper...
Title: Vintage Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-971
Vintage Gothic Reredos (circa 1950s-1960s) See matching Ambo (KRF-2118) In Original Condition Height - 118 inches Width - 80 inches Depth - 34 inches...
Title: Vintage Carrara Marble Gothic Style Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1120
KRALTAR-1120: Vintage very fine Italian 1900-1910 carrara marble altar with hand carved details. Tabernacle is included. Statue sold separately. In original condition. D...
Title: Vintage Marble Gothic Style Main Altar Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1121
KRALTAR-1121: Vintage large carrara gothic reredos from 1900-1910. Exceptional hand carved details throughout including Alpha Omega base with Agnus Dei center panel, goth...
Title: Large Gothic Carved Oak Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-860
KRALTAR-860-Large Gothic Carved Oak Reredos. No steps, we have the matching pulpit. Dimensions: Height: 17 1/2 feet. Width: 14 feet. Depth: 2 feet. ...
Title: Vintage European Wood Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1051
KRALTAR-1051: Vintage European Wood Gothic Reredos. In original condition....
Title: Antique Gothic Reredos with Exceptional Detail
Item Number: KRALTAR-965
Vintage oak reredos. Very nice carved gothic details (hand of God in the middle), gothic tracery pierce carved. In original condition. Dimensions: Height 9'4" Width 7'1" ...
Title: Antique Marble Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-938
Antique Marble Altar / Tabernacle Stand Contact your King Richards Representative for more details....