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Altars & Altar Rails High Altars/Side Altars/Reredos-Antique Roman

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Title: Beautiful Antique Marble Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-09
Beautiful turn of the century hand carved carrara marble altar. Missing four columns on the front base which can easily be replaced. The center panel on the base was also...
Title: Museum Quality Marble Altar-Shrine-Niche
Item Number: KRALTAR-10
This solid marble shrine/altar is perfect for any adoration chapel, altar area or statue shrine. The carvings, varying marbles, mosaic dome, and other intricate adornment...
Title: Vintage Carrara Marble Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-886A
KRALTAR-886A-Vintage Carrara Marble Reredos. Marble reredos which was originally in the bottom of our Gothic reredos; KRALTAR-886. Can be used as is, or placed back in th...
Title: Traditional Marble Altar with Mosaic Inlay
Item Number: KRALTAR-08
Museum quality carvings and mosaic work adorn this solid marble altar. The quality and intricacy of the columns, capitals, inlay work and carving could not be reproduced ...
Title: Antique Roman Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-930
KRALTAR-930: Vintage Italian Marble Roman Reredos. In original condition. Approximately 90 years old. Contact you King Richards sales representative for additional detail...
Title: Antique Roman Marble Altars with Exceptional Details
Item Number: KRALTAR-927
KRALTAR-927: Roman Marble Main Altar and one Side Altar with simply too many details to list here. Contact your King Richards sales representative for complete details. I...
Title: Large Pair of Marble Side Altars with Statues
Item Number: KRALTAR-07
Incredible pair of antique solid marble altars with St. Joseph gracing one and Mary the other. "Lima Village" carved on the front of the base. The carvings and details ar...
Title: Traditional Carrara Marble Altar/Shrine
Item Number: KRALTAR-686
KRALTAR-686: Traditional Carrara Marble shrine/altar. Amazing details include Italian mosaic work, high relief carved marble angels, columns, capitals, and an oil paintin...