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Altars & Altar Rails High Altars/Side Altars/Reredos-Antique

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High Altars/Side Altars/Reredos-Antique

Title: Main Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1314
KRALTAR-1314 Beautiful Pugin altar with handcarved details. Includes statues and tabernacle. KR Buyers and Atlanta-based crew flew to the UK for yet another historic res...
Title: Altar with Paintings
Item Number: KRALTAR-1319
KRALTAR-1319 Beautiful wood altar from the UK . Includes paintings....
Title: Antique Gothic Altar/Reredos Set
Item Number: KRALTAR-1325
Antique Gothic Altar/Reredos Set in marble and limestone. Dimensions available on request....
Title: Antique Gothic Reredos with Exceptional Detail
Item Number: KRALTAR-965
Vintage oak reredos. Very nice carved gothic details (hand of God in the middle), gothic tracery pierce carved. In original condition. Dimensions: Height 9'4" Width 7'1" ...
Title: Antique Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1317
KRALTAR-1317 Antique Reredos....
Title: Antique Roman Marble Altars with Exceptional Details
Item Number: KRALTAR-927
KRALTAR-927: Roman Marble Main Altar and one Side Altar with simply too many details to list here. Contact your King Richards sales representative for complete details. I...
Title: Antique Roman Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-930
KRALTAR-930: Vintage Italian Marble Roman Reredos. In original condition. Approximately 90 years old. Contact you King Richards sales representative for additional detail...
Title: Antique Wood Carved Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1320
KRALTAR-1320: Antique wood carved altar with intricate details....
Title: Antique Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1324
Beautiful wood reredos/altar.  Dimensions available upon request.  ...
Title: Beautiful Antique Marble Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-09
Beautiful turn of the century hand carved carrara marble altar. Missing four columns on the front base which can easily be replaced. The center panel on the base was also...
Title: Carved Marble Reredos, Shrine, Adoration Chapel Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1215
Carved Marble Reredos. Perfect for Adoration Chapel, complete with Agony in the Garden panel....
Title: Carved Marble Side Altar/Shrine with Mosaic Inlay
Item Number: KRALTAR-1191
Historical Marble Altar/Shrine from a Pugin designed Church in Liverpool UK. High relief carved details too numerous to list here. Gothic Tabernacle, Marble PX and IHS ca...
Title: Carved Wood Antique Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1210
Large carved wood Reredos....
Title: Carved Wood IHS Reredos/High Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1199
Very nice carved wood Reredos/High Altar in good, original condition. Dimensions: H=11' W= 72" D=36"...
Title: Classic Romanesque Marble Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1307
Classic Romanesque Marble Altar in yellow sienna marble with classic Roman carved details from 1900-1920. Dimensions: H=24’, W=15.5’, D=12.25’ Does not include Las...
Title: Gothic Antique Marble/Limestone Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1214
Exceptional Antique Gothic Marble/Limestone Reredos with Mosaic. Approximate Dimensions: H= 24', W=15' (Tabernacle not included)...
Title: Gothic Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1312
KRALTAR-1311 Gothic Wood Reredos. Dimensions: Overall H= 33-34’ Canopy: D=6’, W=16’ Base: D=27”, W=5...
Title: Gothic Wood Side Altars
Item Number: KRALTAR-1313
KRALTAR-1312 Gothic Wood Side Altars. See KRALTAR-1311. Dimensions: H=15’, W=5’, D=28” Statues H=4’...
Title: High Roman Reredos/High Altar in Wood
Item Number: KRALTAR-1195
Heavily carved wood Reredos with large center niche for Holy Family, Pieta, Rosary Group, etc. Original condition as shown in photos. Statues no longer available. Dimens...
Title: Large Antique Altar With Center Niche
Item Number: KRALTAR-495
KRALTAR-495: Beautiful butternut colored antique altar with a large center statue niche. In original conditon. Dimensions: 84 inches in width, 40 inches in depth. Dimensi...
Title: Large Gothic Carved Oak Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-860
KRALTAR-860-Large Gothic Carved Oak Reredos. No steps, we have the matching pulpit. Dimensions: Height: 17 1/2 feet. Width: 14 feet. Depth: 2 feet. ...
Title: Large Pair of Marble Side Altars with Statues
Item Number: KRALTAR-07
Incredible pair of antique solid marble altars with St. Joseph gracing one and Mary the other. "Lima Village" carved on the front of the base. The carvings and details ar...
Title: Main Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1305
Main Altar featuring Agnus Dei....
Title: Marble Altar Set
Item Number: KRALTAR-1322
KRALTAR-1322:  Marble Altar Set Marble set of 3 Romanesque altars. Dimensions: (above) H=40”, W=72”, D=34.5” (left) H=6’8”, W=79”...
Title: Marble Altar with Gothic Details
Item Number: KRALTAR-1321
KRALTAR-1321: Marble Altar with Gothic Details...
Title: Museum Quality Hand Carved Gothic Marble Shrine
Item Number: KRALTAR-27
This museum quality shrine was created by a notable, well listed artist.Dimensions:18 feet in height, 7 feet in width and 7 feet in depth. Please call for details.Approxi...
Title: Museum Quality Marble Altar-Shrine-Niche
Item Number: KRALTAR-10
This solid marble shrine/altar is perfect for any adoration chapel, altar area or statue shrine. The carvings, varying marbles, mosaic dome, and other intricate adornment...
Title: Pair of Antique Side Altars
Item Number: KRALTAR-1318
KRALTAR-1318 Pair of antique Side Altars...
Title: Pugin Stone Gothic Altar/Shrine
Item Number: KRALTAR-1212
Large beautiful Altar from Pugin of London. Angel Tabernacle door, high relief Gothic carvings. Carrara Marble with heavy veining. Inlaid Mary symbol can be covered. Need...
Title: Rare Rosato Marble Reredos with Mosaic Inlay
Item Number: KRALTAR-932
The reredos is hand carved from "Red Rosato" marble (exotic and incredibly expensive to mine). Features include Gothic spires, panels, and extensive mosaic work. Matching...
Title: Side Altars
Item Number: KRALTAR-1306
Side Altars....
Title: Traditional Carrara Marble Altar/Shrine
Item Number: KRALTAR-686
KRALTAR-686: Traditional Carrara Marble shrine/altar. Amazing details include Italian mosaic work, high relief carved marble angels, columns, capitals, and an oil paintin...
Title: Traditional Marble Altar with Mosaic Inlay
Item Number: KRALTAR-08
Museum quality carvings and mosaic work adorn this solid marble altar. The quality and intricacy of the columns, capitals, inlay work and carving could not be reproduced ...
Title: Side Altars
Item Number: KRALTAR-926
Side Altars in classic Romanesque style. Statues not included. Dimensions: Total Height - 13', Width 75"...
Title: Side Altars
Item Number: KRALTAR-926
Side Altars in classic Romanesque style. Statues not included. Dimensions: Total Height - 13', Width 75"...
Title: Vintage Carrara Marble Gothic Style Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1120
KRALTAR-1120: Vintage very fine Italian 1900-1910 carrara marble altar with hand carved details. Tabernacle is included. Statue sold separately. In original condition. D...
Title: Vintage Carved Wood Gothic Style High Altar/Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-892
KRALTAR-892-Vintage Carved Wood Gothic Style High Altar/Reredos. White painted carved wood Gothic style high altar/reredos with gold leaf highlights. Original Last Supper...
Title: Vintage Marble Gothic Style Main Altar Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1121
KRALTAR-1121: Vintage large carrara gothic reredos from 1900-1910. Exceptional hand carved details throughout including Alpha Omega base with Agnus Dei center panel, goth...
Title: Vintage Oak Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1126
KRALTAR-1126: Vintage oak gothic reredos. Approximately 70 years old. In original condition. Altar Dimensions: 39 inches in height, 72 inches in width, 20 inches in dept...
Title: Wood Altar
Item Number: KRALTAR-1315
KRALTAR-1315 Beautiful carved wood altar created by Robert “Mouseman” Thompson (1976-1955) British furniture maker aka “The Mouseman fo Kilburn”. Part of a crafts...
Title: Wood Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1316
KRALTAR-1316 Wood Reredos with hand carved detailing...
Title: Vintage European Wood Gothic Reredos
Item Number: KRALTAR-1051
KRALTAR-1051: Vintage European Wood Gothic Reredos. In original condition....